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Reviews about Dan Walker Music
    Dan Walker is quite simply one of the finest singer/songwriters on the Seacoast. He's got three records to his credit, with the latest, "Beautiful," being the best representation of where he's at, and where he's headed as an artist. The album's title basically says it all. Walker takes from his own life experiences and turns them into beautifully crafted, soulful tunes of the absolute highest quality.       He's got a voice that belongs smack-dab in the middle of popular radio's programming, but it feels so good on the local level picking up steam on stations such as WSCA-LP 106.1 FM. He's one of a select group of artists that I'm inclined to say "stay away masses, he's ours." But of course, that's selfish of me, and I wish only the best for Mr. Walker and all of his musical endeavors.       If you've seen him live in the solo-format, you know he can sing, and you know he's one badass mo-fo on the guitar. A furious picker and relentless strummer with a knack of turning the body of his acoustic guitar into a glorified hand-drum, Walker is the real deal. The music he outputs is good. It's fun. And it's impressive. He's got a strong stage presence that proclaims, "I'm confident in my abilities and by the end of this set you're going to know just who the heck I am. And you're going to remember me, for a long time." On "Beautiful," he's surrounded himself in a full band setting, as he's done in the past, and it's a different beast entirely. It's sharp, poignant, and is a foot-stompin', head-shakin' frenzy bundled up into the confines of a single compact disc. For Walker and his mates, it's a great time, which is further documented by the laughing you can hear in the background at the end of the last couple of tunes on the record. It's this organic, yet professional approach that makes Walker's music so good, and so accessible.       Luke Crawley (electric and upright bass), Roy Wallace (drums and percussion), and Charlie Strater (lead guitar and harmonica) are a dynamite backing band that are skilled in the art of keeping it tight and straight forward, but who also aren't afraid to let it all hang out and delve into a little jamming from time to time. Best example of said jamming being the fourth cut on the album "Going Home." "Beautiful," as a whole is a well-rounded piece of work that truly needs to be experienced. Don't be shy ... You'll be happy you spent the time with it. Christopher Hislop Spotlight Magazine (April 2, 2009)  

A relative newcomer to the Seacoast, Dan Walker recently released his second full length independent album, “Airplane.” The singer-songwriter is at the forefront of a bass-drums-guitar trio that plays mellow but spirited blues-based folk-rock. The instruments are not loud or flashy, but they compliment Walker’s soulful singing, creating a down-home sound that would work on a back porch in Dover or at any number of small town pubs across the country. Originally from Indiana, Walker’s songs evoke a strong sense of home while simultaneously conveying the compulsion to ramble. He has performed in at least 15 different states, and his style seems appropriate in just about any geographic context, from New England to the Midwest to the Deep South. In “Hit the Road,” the fourth track on “Airplane,” Walker rattles off a number of cities and states where he has played, including Indiana; New Orleans; Fort Collins, Col.; Nashville, Tenn.; Boise, Id.; and California. The new disc begins with a short burst of laughter that instantly gives the music a relaxed and accessible feel. Walker quickly delves into an upbeat country-blues tune called “Stumble and Fall,” strumming his acoustic guitar and joyfully reciting rhyming lyrics.“Save a little money, save a little time, save a little lovin’, save a little wine. If you don’t save nuthin’, just spend it all, what you gonna do when you stumble and fall?” he sings. The CD’s 11 tracks feature Walker on vocals and guitar, Roy Wallace on drums and Luke Crawley on bass, along with guest appearances by Matt Young on pedal steel and Fred Baker on guiro. The album ends with the soft and wistful title track, in which Walker begins by describing his young daughter’s excitement at spotting an airplane in the sky. The plane becomes a metaphor for the dreams toward which people aspire, and listeners are left with the distinct impression that Walker has boarded his personal airplane through the creation of music.

Matt Kanner
The Wire of Portsmouth, NH

Dan Walker’s Airplane is one of the best non-traditional blues albums I have heard in a long time. Being in a band myself, I can attest to the fact that having every song on a CD with a strong groove is a difficult task, but Walker is able to accomplish this. “Stumble and Fall” is a nice way to open the CD. It begins the wonderful groove of the project in a quick and fun manner. “Ocean Eyes” is a nice ballad, but not your normal ballad because it also has an underlying groove about it, too. “Ocean Eyes” is a nice change from the in-your-face blues-stylings by it being a good acoustic guitar ballad. “Blues by Midnight” is extremely laid-back with nice piano—not overdone, but tasteful. “Loves Me” has a great rhythm section buildup during the intro—drums, then bass, then electric guitar, allowing each rhythm instrument a chance to shine for a few measures. If I had to sum up the album in three words, here they are: “I loved it!” 

Denise Squier

"The Dan Walker Band's musical evolution continues on Airplane, an instantly pleasurable album that uncovers a few new layers of hip-shaking-Americana-grooves as best describes their live performance. Fans of more commercially familiar artists like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews would certainly find musical kinship with the DWB - but to make such outright comparisons would be a disservice to a band that truly has a refreshing, original sound all their own."
Donovan Short
Operations Manager GAPWEST Broadcasting

The laugh that starts Dan Walker's latest CD, Airplane, is evocative of the homespun spirit found throughout the album. The sound is as natural and scenic as the pure Montana surroundings in which he recorded it. Airplane sets a mood of crisp country living, loving, and traveling. Musically conjured images will be of sunny skies, clear streams, and mountain air, but Walker's lyricism graciously extends well past these vistas. Songs like "So Blue" and "Stumble and Fall" most glaringly reveal Walker as a gifted crafter of catchy tunes. Working a country-tinged combination of roots, folk, and blues, Dan and the band center their songs around his road-worthy lyrics, placing his classic voice among soulfully written, upbeat music. The arrangements are informed by everything from tried-and-true American pop, such as the Motown influence on the rollicking "Get Me Out Of This," to more diverse structures like the gliding soul-rock of "Blues By Midnight" and the Latin tilt of "Gonna Shine." No one instrument dominates, and the production is careful to blend bass, drums, guitar, and keys equally, creating a full, rich bedrock for Walker's memorable musings. The title track “Airplane” benefits the most from the musicians' collective efforts, as they create a haunting, dramatic closer that is like no other track on the album. Airplane moves Dan Walker into a whole new phase, and finds him shifting from the stripped-down sound of his first album to a full-band emphasis. The tasteful nature of the recording along with Walker's obvious talent should make plenty of people get on board with this album! 
Bryan Rodgers
Leeway's Home Grown Music Network

"One of the best guitar pickers to perform at the Nowoodstock Festival in Ten Sleep, Wyoming"
Pat O'Brien
Festival Coordinator

"Boise, Bend, and Back Again was an absolute pleasure to have cross my desk, the music world needs more of the singer/songwriters like Dan Walker today, and less of the pre-fabricated hit chasers...his music has some amazing classic folk sensibilities, but at the same time this organic edge that sounds incredibly fresh and undated.   Can't wait to dig a little deeper and hear him live."
Donovan Short
Operations Manager
Clear Channel Casper

Good Feel Here! Band seems organic and natural sounding. Well recorded and performed vocals. TAXI  Worlds Leading Independent A&R Company

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